Soekrates revisions

Rev 13 (current)

  • Back to single DAM1021 configuration
  • DB9 serial port added to allow for firmware upgrades without having to open the DAC up
  • Enclosure height reduced by a substantial amount

Rev 12

Rev 11

  • Back to dual chassis design
  • 10-pin DIN connectors used as DC umbilical cord

Rev 10

  • Power supply swapped for AMB Sigma22 Bipolar supply
  • Single large R-core transformer used

Rev 9

  • Experimental revision
  • Chassis made even larger
  • Sides hollowed out - planned for installation of heat sinks

Rev 8

  • Large chassis fully implemented
  • Adequate space for two transformers and two DAM1021 boards
  • Proper balanced out implementation allowed
  • USB to I2S changed back to WaveIO due to concerns over DiYinHK board sound quality
  • Input selector boards + rotary switch implemented

Rev 7

  • 5V DiYinHK supply added for USB
  • Dual DAM balanced raw outputs announced
  • Complete failure trying to integrate into two small 5" by 7" enclosures

Rev 6

  • First implementation of buffered balanced outputs from DAM1021 board

Rev 4

  • Not much change - chassis split back to dual designs

Rev 5

  • Small single-chassis design laid out
  • Vented sides removed (have no idea why!)
  • Coax integration scrapped for now
  • Power supplies and USB to I2S board changed to DiYinHK options
  • DAM1021 to be mounted on top of enclosure

Rev 3

  • Experimental single-chassis design - no need for umbilical
  • Depth of chassis increased to allow for more space
  • USB added instead - first usage of WaveIO board thought of

Rev 2

  • Vented sides
  • Raspberry Pi integration scrapped
  • Similar dual-chassis design
  • Toslink and coax inputs added
  • DC umbilical cord planned for to connect power supply and DAC

Original Soekrates concept

  • Dual-chassis design
  • Wood top and bottom, aluminium everything else
  • Raspberry Pi integration planned
  • Single DAM1021 board
  • Salas BiB and Reflektor-D for power supplies
  • R-core transformer planned for
  • No hardware input options

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  1. Looking good Walter!! How close are you to having a proto up and running? Really interested in knowing how it actually SOUNDS after all the back and forth issues you've faced this far. Would be a crying shame if the SQ wasn't anything special but from the browsing I've done on the DIY site, that shouldn't be an issue. cheers!!